Nihi Sumba | Indonesia

The experience of Nihi Sumba is one of unregulated freedom, understated luxury, and unforgettable memories. Long-time friends, American brand entrepreneur Chris Burch and South American-born hotelier James McBride heard stories of Nihi Sumba and acquired the resort in 2012, re-opening it in March 2014 after extensive renovations. “On the Edge of Wildness”, Nihi Sumba is an intimate island retreat and a true cultural immersion. Located on the island of Sumba in Eastern Indonesia (400kms west of Bali), Nihi Sumba is an outpost for world-class surfing, the best sport fishing in Indonesia, paddle boarding down the Wanukaka River, bird-watching for the island’s eight endemic species, and hiking through breathtaking waterfalls and butterfly trails.

Nihi Sumba